Saturday, April 12, 2014

Honeymoon Keepsake Box

When we moved three years ago, I packed anything related to our wedding and honeymoon into a storage box that I swore I would sort through.  And I'm happy to report, I finally did it!

Right after our wedding, I found this box at Marshalls, which matched the colors of our wedding - pink and green.

After sorting through the storage box last night, I was able to fit everything "wedding" in here and nestled it in right next to my wedding dress and both pairs of wedding shoes in my closet.
For our honeymoon mementos, I really wanted something that I could display.  I found this wood box at Hobby Lobby that I thought would work perfectly for storing receipts, ticket stubs, maps and more.  The best thing was it was only $5 and that was before my 40% off coupon!
I wanted to give the box a rustic look, so I used my favorite color stain and applied one coat inside and out.
I then printed out "France" and "Italy" and used a craft knife to carefully cut out the letters to use as stencils.  This is where a Silhouette would come in quite handy!
Then I carefully sponged on black paint.
And removed the paper.
I repeated the same steps for "Italy".

Now this little guy holds all our special memories from our 17 day honeymoon through Paris, Capri, Positano and Rome.


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