Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shadow Box Turned Jewelry Display

I love seeing all the creative ways to store and display jewelry.  So when an old shadow box was offered to me, I decided to create my own.  This would be specifically for my earrings, which were currently all thrown together in a box. 

The shadow box started out like this...
I found the cutest fabric at Hobby Lobby (of course!?).  I measured the inside of the box, then cut the fabric to size.
I then secured the fabric with hot glue.
To help hide any uneven cuts, I used this gold trim.
I had no idea trim like this even existed!  I think it's so so pretty and want to put it on everything, ha.
A little Windex on the glass and a couple nails in the wall and this pretty lady was ready to hang!

Getting ready in the morning just got a little more exciting. :)

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