Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Is In The Air

And therefore Easter is right around the corner!  In all actuality however, Easter is quite late this year - April 20th!  That's OK though because it gives me more time to decorate and even more time to enjoy those decorations!  Win, win!

I found the cutest stencil at (where else?!) Hobby Lobby - a bunny silhouette.  I snatched it up immediately because I knew it would come in handy not only for Easter decor, but for Spring decor in general.

Wanting to go a little more rustic with the "Easter Collection", I searched through my never-ending collection of scrap wood and found the perfect sheet of pine.  I also came across some leftover letters that just happen to spell "WELCOME".  I can take a hint - a door sign I must make! :)

To get started, I used a small foam brush to apply my most favorite color stain.

While that dried, I painted the orange letters yellow.

I let the stain dry overnight before taping down the bunny stencil and painting it white.

Next I used blue tape to create a straight line that would serve as a guide as I glued down each letter.
Last but not least was to drill two holes for the twine.  I enlisted my hubby for this part.  :)
And there you have it!  A door sign that will last me through the Spring and Easter season.


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