Friday, March 7, 2014

Side Table Redo

After painting the buffet, which was big and black, I needed to bring some color back into my life.  However, I was undecided as to what color.  I knew I wanted to paint a coffee table red, but that was dependent on me finding the perfect piece, which sadly, I'm still on the hunt for.  I did stumble upon this cutie though!  And yellow she should be! 
After a quick wipe down, I was ready to paint!
I chose to let the first coat dry overnight, but instead of cleaning my brush that night, I simply wrapped it up in a plastic bag so I could reuse it the next day.  One of the best painting secrets out there!

After a second coat, I was ready to tackle the in-lay details.  Inspired by the song You Are My Sunshine, I chose grey as my accent color.  Get it?!  ("You make me happy, when skies are GREY!") :)  To paint the in-lay's, I used an artists brush.
Next was to give the entire piece a little distressing.
And finally, wax.  More often than not, I go for clear wax, but I own dark brown wax and have just been too chicken to really commit to using it on an entire piece.  Not today my friends!  I was going for it!  The pictures aren't fantastic, but you'll notice a slight deepening in the second picture vs the first.  That is what dark brown wax can do you for you!
And here is a close up with wax on the left side of the leg, but not yet on the right.
I love how the color turned out!  It has given me the confidence to use dark brown wax more often.


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