Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dining Buffet - Before And After

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out a new line of paint.  However, I was waiting for the right piece to try it out on!  That took a little longer than expected.  But good things really do come to those who wait because I ended up landing the most beautiful dining buffet at the most beautiful price. :)
I knew I would be painting the body of the table light grey as well as upgrading the hardware.  But I wasn't quite sure what to do for the top of the table until I saw this photo from  Confessions Of A Serial Do-It-Yourselfer.  If you haven't checked out Christy's blog, do it!  She does some really fun things!
Inspired by Christy, I knew I wanted to do a very dark stain on the top of the buffet as well as the small strip inbetween the two drawers.  So to work I went!

I started with three coats on the drawers and doors.
 And then got to work on the body.  Here is the first coat...
 And here she is with three coats!  Looking good!
The whole piece (except the top) then got a bit of distressing.  Here is a pic of the doors and drawers.
I prepped the already painted areas for the stain.  You can go two routes with this particular type of stain - 1) paint it on and wipe it off, repeat or 2) just paint it on, repeat.  I went with the latter and LOVED the results.
And here she is!!! 
I love the mix of original hardware with some new!  And since I decided to keep this piece (I just HAD to!!) I lined the drawers with teal paper to match my living room lamps.  Here she is in our real life, ha....



  1. Beautiful! And love the 'real life' photo too!

    1. Thanks Denise! I figure I had to show how functional it is in everyday life. :)

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the mix of the paint and dark stained top on furniture. SO glad you felt inspired. XO