Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hudson's 2nd Birthday Party!

Last Saturday, we celebrated Hudson's 2nd birthday with a house full of family and friends!  We were blessed with the most beautiful day so most of the party was spent outdoors in the backyard.  Every time I saw Hudson running here or running there, he had giant smile on his face because he was having so much fun playing with his friends.  It was priceless. :)

A couple posts ago, I shared a little sneak peek of my plans for the party.  I'm excited to show you how everything turned out!

Our guests were greeted at the front door with a bouquet of balloons - my husband had a great idea to put "Right Field", "Center Field" and "Left Field" on each of our fence doors and front door, but unfortunately he came up with this great idea the day of the party.  Not a lot of time for execution. :)
Our guests then made their way through the living room to the....
Here is Hudson, scoping out the food.
From the kitchen, our guests were able to find seating outside.
I LOVED how these centerpieces turned out!
On display were the two (that's right, I said two) cakes that my sister made for Hudson.  They were amazing!
That's it - a very  happy birthday for my little boy.


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