Friday, June 20, 2014

Bathroom Step Stool Makeover

I have been looking for a nice sturdy step stool for my son's bathroom for quite some time.  And just when I was ready to bite the bullet and order one off Amazon, I came across the exact same one at Goodwill for (drum roll please...) $3!!!  A little beat up, but nothing I couldn't handle. :)

Let's first start with my inspiration for this stool.
My son's entire bathroom was decorated around that cute little whale card, which I obviously found SO cute, I framed it.  From there, I found the perfect scalloped shower curtain at Target.  And then I put together a couple more images to frame and/or transfer onto canvas.
Now back to the plan for the step stool...

Since I planned on painting it white using General Finishes Snow White, I wanted to give my piece a quick coat of white spray paint as a primer.
I absolutely LOVE General Finishes Milk Paint because of it's amazing coverage, but I actually had to give this little guy 4 coats - it was totally worth it!  Next I used my new Silhoutte Cameo to cut out a scalloped stencil.
I poked out the cut pieces and taped it to the stool.

Since I have no patience, I used cardstock for my stencil instead of vinyl, so I ended up with a little bit of bleed through.  Nothing a little touch up paint couldn't fix though!
With the scallops done, I knew I wanted to add a few of those colorful "splashes".  I decided to do one on the very top and one on each side.  I used what I call the "pencil transfer method" to get the outline of the splash onto the stool so I could then paint it in.  You first start by covering the entire back of your design with pencil.
Then you tape it up and trace over the actual design.
This then transfers the pencil onto your piece.  Worked like a gem!

All I had to do now was fill it in...
Here it is in it's new home!
My son loves climbing up and having his teeth brushed and I love not having to chase him down - win win!

One last look at the before and after.

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