Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY Valence Makeover

Hi everyone!  I took a small hiatus this last month and now I'm BACK!  And today I wanted to share with you an item I've had on my home checklist for over three years!!  My living room valences.
(Photo taken from Hudson's Baptism)

The previous owner had professionally installed three valences over each of the windows in the living room.  Unfortunately, from the moment we signed the papers, I knew the fabric would have to be updated.  And so after three years, I finally got around to taking care of business. :)  At first I thought I'd have them redone professionally, but then I got the crazy idea to do it myself!!  And since my hubby had a business trip on the horizon (which is when I get my best work done) I had the perfect opportunity to give this one a go.

After a quick trip to Joann's, I found the perfect HGTV fabric and got to work.  Here is what I started with...
 I carefully wrapped the new fabric right over the old and started to pin it in place.
When I got to the curved part, I started cutting small strips that would allow me to pull the fabric tight against the valence.
Once everything was pinned in placed, I did a quick check to see that the fabric was smooth in front.  Then I went to town with my staple gun.
And that was it!!!  Here is the before and after!
Soooo much better!  Here are a few more pics...
 (Please excuse the lighting - it's awful!!)

I think the new fabric really ties the entire living room together.  And the entire project cost me roughly $60 - can't beat that!

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