Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Fall Wreath

I have been wanting to try my hand at wreath making for quite some time and during my recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I loaded up on all the materials I would need.  After making just one, I realized what an addicting project this is!  It is the perfect creative outlet where the options are endless and each one turns out a bit different.  I enjoyed it so much that I want to head right back to the store to pick up more materials and do it all over again!  But before I jump back in the car, I'll share with you how my first wreath turned out.

Isn't she cute!?  It all started with this.
A 14" straw wreath, some garden wire, two types of burlap and a bunch of florals.  I started by wrapping the straw wreath with burlap.  When it was fully covered, I glued the end piece in place.  I suggest trying to put the final piece in a place that will eventually be covered.  This helps to give your wreath a seamless look.  Mine is underneath the bow!  :)
Next was the bow.  I started with a short piece of the orange burlap that I folded over half way, glued in place and did the same with the other side.
Then I pinched right down the middle and secured the shape first with glue, then with garden wire.
For the tail of the bow, I folded a longer piece of the orange burlap in half.  I then folded one side over the other.
I actually gave it one more fold in order to get the tails to open in opposite directions.  I then secured it to the wreath.
And finally, I wrapped a small strip of burlap around the garden wire.  I love how it turned out!
Then came the most creative part for me - placing and securing all the floral pieces into one bunch.  I only snapped one pic because once I got in the groove, I totally lost track of the camera. :)
And there you have it! My new Fall wreath!  I decided to keep this one for indoors since during staging it found a pretty good home and I can't stand moving it. :)
Gotta love Fall!

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