Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fun Toddler Activity for VDay!

Thank you Pinterest for yet another winning idea!  As I prepare to be a SAHM, I figure a lot of arts and crafts are in my future.  And this one is as easy as can be!  SAHM or not, if you've got 10 minutes, you can do this too.

Here is a list of materials you'll need:

  • blank canvas
  • painters tape
  • craft knife
  • finger paint

To prep, start by taping the word LOVE onto your canvas.  It won't look pretty, but that's where the knife comes in - you'll trim off the areas necessary.

The best place to let my little guy go to town is right in the middle of the kitchen floor.  I taped down some scrap paper, but will definitely be buying a drop cloth that we can reuse in the future.

To start him off, I squirted a little bit of finger paint right on to the canvas, letting him create from there. It worked great, however, he was only sooort of getting it, so I tried to show him what to do. Stepping back to give him another try, I realized that during my demonstration I basically covered/erased the work he had already done.  Noooooo!!!  I had to think of another way for him to personalize his piece of art and quick! Then I had it - handprints and footprints!

I love, love, love how it turned out. :)

Now every time he sees his painting on display, he smiles from ear to ear, points and yells - "PAINTING!!".  It melts my heart. :)


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