Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mail Sorter Redo

In need of a new mail sorter - and by "in need" I mean I got sick of our current one - I spotted this at Home Goods.  It was a very solid piece that would be extremely functional.  However, even before I bought it, I knew there would need to be a couple of small tweaks.

First, it needed to be black.  The original color blended into the wall too much.  And second, I wanted it to say MAIL on it.  Cute, right?!

Having always wanted to try the "sticker" technique, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  By the "sticker" technique, I mean you use stickers to write out a word (in this case "MAIL") and then paint the entire piece, stickers and all.  Once dry, you peel off the stickers and just like that you have perfectly stenciled letters!

I finished it up with a little distressing of course!  Now it's perfect. :)



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