Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rustic Kitchen Sign

A month or so ago, I got the itch to redecorate the space above my kitchen cabinets.  Years ago, I settled in on a rustic wine theme, which I still love, but I used to switch out the decor each season - "Lemons and Limes" in the Spring and Summer and "Apples and Cinnamon" in the Fall/Winter.  These days, however, I'm really into simple, clean and timeless.

Today I wanted to share a sign that I made in about 15 minutes.  And the best part about it is that it cost me $0!  I started with some wood scraps and burlap that I had laying around the workshop.

I wrapped the wood in burlap and used my staple gun to secure the burlap to the wood.
Then I lined up and secured the stencils.  And finally used a sponge brush to apply the black paint.
And that was that!

I liked the sign as is, but really wanted to make it more rustic, so I of course called on my Dad to build me a frame. :)
He made the most beautiful frame, which I then stained my favorite color.

NOW we're talking!  Don't you love it!?!
And the wine bottle I found at the thrift store for $2!
That's a wrap for the kitchen! :)


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